Prominent Scholar Mr. Rakesh K Shukla observes Postal Stamp on Lord Parshuram


Under the guidance of  Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi, IAS, a postal Stamp on Lord  Parshuram was released.

New Delhi: Mr.  Santosh Shukla, President & CEO, World Book of Records has disclosed that Prominent Scholar Mr. Rakesh K Shukla took deep interest in observing the postal stamp on Lord Parshuram during a courtesy meeting in the capital of the country. He appreciated the efforts being taken to encourage and promote spirituality and Indian Vedic heritage. Earlier  a special cover and postal stamp on Lord Parshuram was released by Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi; IAS. Prominent Scholar Mr. Rakesh K Shukla, shed light on deeds and personality of Lord Parshuram saying Parashurama is one of the great mythological personalities of India, who is believed to be the sixth incarnation of God. Parshuram was born in a Brahmin family as the son of sage Jamadagni and Renuka. Lord Parshuram’s teaching of fairness is an inspiration for all human beings. Indian Post Department has released a Parshuram India Postage Stamp in honour of this great warrior of India Lord Parshuram. He was known for his way of fighting. After doing severe penance for Lord Shiva, he received the axe from Shiva. Parshuram had studied the four Vedas deeply and used to worship in a secluded place with a bow and arrow on his back. Lord Parshuram used to raise his axe against those who violated the contemporary code from the social point of view. On this occasion, Mr. Brajmavdev Tripathi of Prayagraj was present.